Stories from The Little Pantry That Could

Below is a collection of stories from a day in the life of The Little Pantry. These stories share the everyday workings of the pantry, and aim to share the common connection we see every day with our friends and visitors. They are stories of hope, sadness, dignity, trust, and most importantly, love. Enjoy!


The Cut Finger

Today was the Best Day Ever at TLPTC! There were so many things that made this a great day! Awesome new volunteers – Martha and Mary K. The Cumberland U Group sorted through mountains of shoes and clothes. Two big Food Drives come in this week. All great, but in my opinion, the best thing that happened today was a lady cut her finger. 

Ok – let me explain. There’s this lady – I’ll call her Rose. She’s….. different. A little gruff. A little defensive. You have to understand, 99% of our shoppers just ooze gratitude and love for us. They won’t “take too much”. They always tell us how much we mean to them. So, she is one of the few (3 out of 200 to be exact) that will try to push a little. Not bad – she just doesn’t say thank you or she may get a little gripey if there’s something she can’t have.
I kinda understand. I think that when people have so little, some feel that they have to snatch whatever is available and hang on to it for dear life. At other places, they often have to convince someone of their need and jump through hoops to receive whatever it is. So, I remind myself to be patient. 

Oh yeah – the finger – so she had cut her finger and she came to me – looking for some kindness. She usually skirts around me – we have had a talk or two about her attitude and she tries hard to fly under my radar. But today, she gave me an opportunity to prove to her that I would care for her. I dragged her to the sink to wash it off ~ Ouch! Ouch! ~ I told her I knew it stung a little, but she would thank me when she didn’t die from infection. She grinned a little and let me keep scrubbing. We put some goo on it and wrapped it up and I packed up a few bandaids for her to take home. She looked at me and said “Thank You” – it was the first non-confrontational eye contact we had made in a long time. It made me feel good and made me feel bad at the same time. Had I been treating her differently? Yeah, I had. So, how could I be upset that she had been treating me differently? Sounds to me like we had both been wrong. But today, I got the chance to make it right. So, next week when I see her, will she be a little softer, or will she be the same? It doesn't matter, because I know that I will be a little softer and a little more caring because a lady cut her finger.

Posted by Stacy Downey at 9:55 AM
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