Stories from The Little Pantry That Could

Below is a collection of stories from a day in the life of The Little Pantry. These stories share the everyday workings of the pantry, and aim to share the common connection we see every day with our friends and visitors. They are stories of hope, sadness, dignity, trust, and most importantly, love. Enjoy!


The Anticipation of New Volunteers

Today was the Best Day Ever at TLPTC! Super busy – I haven’t even counted how many shoppers we had today, but it was a lot. We also had a lot of new volunteers. A lot! It was awesome for us, but I was a little worried. It was crowded and loud and nutty and our place is ……… very real. It’s not like the DMV – people do not sit quietly staring at the floor, waiting for their turn. We sing happy birthday – we talk about who’s going into re-hab – we hug and dance and tell people we love them. Normal stuff for us, but to the outside world, I’m pretty sure there is nothing normal about our place.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about. Everytime I would check on a new volunteer, they had big smiles and they were taking it all in stride. Made me wonder why I had been worried in the first place. I think I’m a little protective of my shoppers – my Family. I hoot all the time for them not to be treated differently. I howl about how they are amazing and talented and beautiful people to know. So, why would I worry that these new volunteers would feel any different than I do?

It’s hard for me to express how much I appreciate when people come to TLP and really get it. Alan and his group – Mary and her group – Maureen – Eric – Greg – all people who gather coats and cans and give of their time. I have always felt like this little place is a gift that should be shared and today this gift was received with open hearts and open minds. It was a perfectly normal best day ever.

Posted by Stacy Downey at 9:49 AM
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