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Below is a collection of stories from a day in the life of The Little Pantry. These stories share the everyday workings of the pantry, and aim to share the common connection we see every day with our friends and visitors. They are stories of hope, sadness, dignity, trust, and most importantly, love. Enjoy!


Giving to Others

Today was the Best Day Ever at TLPTC! We were given some wonderful gifts this week. Ms. Bates and Ms. Hunt gave us an amazing amount of canned goods through a project with their students. Peanut Butter (TLPTC LOVES PB!), Chunky Soups and Canned Fruit! The stuff that our dreams are made of. Our shelves looked better than they have in a year and a half! But it didn't stop there ~ Ms. Batson gave us an amazing amount of produce! Sweet Potatoes, Onions and these cute little Squash - also the stuff of our dreams. It really was a lovely day for food from some lovely people who really know how to give from their hearts.

Giving from the heart - some people get it - some people don't - so that's okay. If you aren't a giver, I don't think that makes you a bad person - maybe it's just not your thing. But I've seen some things this week that let me know that there are lots of "Givers" out there and sometimes they are the most unlikely.

I was poking around the pantry Thursday night when I found this guy outside with only a short sleeved T-shirt on. Found out that his coat had been stolen and he didn't even have a long sleeved shirt. Brrr..... So, I'm sizing him up. He's a big guy and I KNOW I don't have anything even close to his size. Now the Brrr goes to Grrr cause I hate it when I don't have something somebody needs. I tell him I'll work on it. Went to the biggest coat store I know and couldn't find anything in his size, so I called this Big and Tall store and braced for the worst. You know these are specialty shops with specialty prices, and since my budget was a big fat zero, I wasn't too hopeful. Well, here's where I encountered one of those "Givers". He didn't have a winter coat, but he did have a corduroy jacket and warm sweater in my guys size. I steeled myself and asked him how much. He said " I will Give them to you". Huh? Yes, I'd heard him right. These two items retailed for about the same amount of my car payment, but he gave them to me without batting an eye. How's that!

And, I've got one that's even better. We have this shopper who is very special to us. He's homeless - lives in a tent, takes the bus or walks everywhere, often does without his medicines because he doesn't have the money to pay for them. So, for Christmas we decide to get him a sleeping bag to supplement the one he already has. When you sleep on the ground, in the cold, even two sleeping bags don't cut it. So, the other day he meets this guy who is also homeless and only has a blanket, so yep - he gives him one of his sleeping bags. I think that's completely amazing. This guy goes without so much, but shared what little he had without a second thought.

What if we were all like this? What if we all just gave to others without figuring out what we would get out of it? Or, even better, what if we all just gave of ourselves? I say over and over that the most important thing we do on Saturday isn't giving out food. It's strengthening the community that's been built between our volunteers and shoppers. It's not being afraid to hug our "street people" and tell them we love them. It's looking at someone who's used to being eyed with suspicion and telling them that we believe in them and they are our family. It's a whole different kind of "Giving". We believe that being able to "Give" each week is a gift that has been Given to us and it pales in comparison to what we Receive.

Posted by Stacy Downey at 10:00 AM
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